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We deliver Sri Lankan meals to your home, hotel, anywhere in Asheville North Carolina. World’s healthiest, Ayurvedic meals. One order serves 2 people for 7 days, or 7 people for 2 days.

Bulk meal menu

[V] = Vegan [GF] = Gluten free
  • Appetizers

  • Sri Cred cutlets

    Tuna cutlets

    Medium spice blend mixed into tuna. Served golden brown with a side of mint or pennywort relish.

  • Entrees

  • Rice

    Sri Lankan rice options include yellow, red, or white rice

    [V] [GF]
  • Coconut Roti

    Roti flat bread made with freshly grated coconut.

  • Sri Cred Kottu Roti

    Kottu Roti

    Flaky roti with vegetables, eggs. Fish or TVP (vegan) options available.

  • Sides

  • Eggplant Moju

    Eggplant moju

    Sri Cred's famous eggplant moju is a perfect blend of spice, sweet, and sour.

    [V] [GF]
  • Tuna ambul thiyal

    Feedback from our customers "Tuna cannot be prepared better than this!" Warm, tangy, and medium-spice dish. The key Sri Lankan ingredient is goraka. 

  • Cashew curry

    Cashew curry

    A Sri Lankan yellow curry with little or no spice, but bursting in many amazing ayurvedic flavors.

    [V] [GF]
  • Tofu stir fry

    Tofu stir fry

    Feecback from Vegan Fest 2017, "Best Tofu dish on the planet!" Stir fried with a blend of sweet, savory, and warm ayurvedic spices.

    [V] [GF]
  • Coconut Sambol

    Grated coconut mixed with chilies and a blend of spices. Mid-level spice.

    [GF] [V]
  • Seeni sambol

    Seeni Sambol

    Caramelized onion relish. Sweet and mid-level spice.

  • Green leaf sambol

    Diced greens. Options: Kale, Watercress, or Cilantro. Mixed with red onions, tomatoes, freshly grated coconut and a spice blend.

    [V] [GF]
  • Lunu miris

    Lunu miris

    Red onion & chilli relish. Contains dried maldive fish flakes. This is the spiciest side on the menu.

  • Green bean curry

    Green bean with fresh coconut. Medium heat spice blend.

    [V] [GF]
  • Lentil curry

    Lentils in a blend of mild ayurvedic herbs, with coconut milk.

    [V] [GF]
  • Sri Lankan salmon bake. Kids' favorite!

    Baked Salmon with crunchy cashews

    Baked salmon with crunchy cashews. A kid favorite!